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At The MMC Agency, we help you put your best face forward.

Whether you are building a new business or updating an existing brand, our goal is to develop an authentic brand identity for you to stand out in the marketplace.

Designing a business brand (or personal brand) is so much more than a simple company logo. 

We know you want to attract potential customers, which requires an understanding of your target audience, brand message, and brand positioning.

When you work with our professional branding agency, we'll help you do all of that and more to ensure you get the strategy, identity, and brand assets to unveil a brand that represents you and enables you to gain recognition and growth.

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At The MMC Agency, we specialize in medium and small business branding services, and we have a proven brand experience. 

Within that experience, we help busy business owners create a brand that feels authentic, complete, and attractive to potential customers.

By hiring a branding agency like MMC, you're eliminating the stress and headaches of figuring out how to develop a brand from scratch.

Our proven process takes what feels overwhelming and makes it easy to bring to life the business brand you envision. 

Not sure if you should sign up for a brand experience or just create a logo in Canva? We get it. But like many marketing efforts, doing it right matters.

Creating a one-off logo can get you started, but it doesn't build a solid brand identity that can gain traction quickly. 

Potential customers need to see your brand 5-7 times on average before you make an impression and become memorable, and presenting a consistent brand has been shown to increase revenue by more than 20%.

What does that mean to you?

It means that using quick logo design services to get you started won't serve you in the long run. By starting with a branding process that considers your complete brand, company culture, conversational brand voice, mission, and more, you'll be able to develop a solid identity with logos, colors, and assets that will increase your brand awareness across all platforms.

Why Hire a Branding Agency?

I continue to receive glowing compliments on the outstanding branding and website MMC created for us. I encourage you to look at their price not as a cost but rather a long term investment. 

Anna Kindley, M.Ed., NSSA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

The Bottom Line?

A business branding agency like The MMC helps you create a comprehensive and strategic brand that subtly tells customers how awesome you are AND drives consistency, recognition, and profits. 

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At The MMC, all branding services include our proven process to help you go from an initial idea to a complete brand identity with logo design, digital marketing components, and elements for your social media branding.

The Signature MMC Branding Process


Brand Core Principles

Before we can design your brand, we want to understand the values and mission behind it. Knowing what matters to your brand (and target audience) is the best way to position you in an authentic, consistent way that resonates.

Not sure how to get started on your branding efforts?

We work with business partners and clients to help them unpack and identify brand principles using our branding questionnaire as a guide.

While conveying brand principles and identifying target customers may sound complicated, our goal is to make it simple.



Once we understand the mission and values of your brand, it's time to develop your brand identity. Our brand package includes researching your competition and inspiration. We create a mood board to capture the visual essence that your brand will consistently convey, whether on your website, marketing campaigns, or social media networks.

What does an effective branding identity look like?

Once we've finalized your brand strategy document, we'll share it with your and your team to review what we've compiled. This deck will define your company values and/or mission, prospective customers, and existing customer base needs and desires.

We also include:
  • mood board with a color palette
  • typography 
  • inspiration for brand positioning and development

Once we have your feedback, we get to work designing visual assets.



A large part of our branding package is the visual assets we'll develop. We start with one or two primary concepts for your brand's logo, both primary and secondary, and some mockups using your brand's tagline or patterns, etc. From here, we refine the primary concept using your feedback and guidelines for design.

What branding objects are included?

After developing your brand, we'll create final files that include logos in various colors and types, patterns, your color palette, and typography files.

We send over everything you need to roll out your new brand online, in marketing materials, on social media platforms, etc. Small businesses may need unique assets for business cards, stationery design, or handouts, whereas larger businesses may want to roll out their brand on billboards, signage, and fleets.

Whatever your needs are, we work with each client to provide the right deliverables to facilitate the branding change.

Our dream has been in the planning stages for a few years. We needed a more professional look. The MMC Agency spoke with us about our dreams and vision for our project. I am so proud of the results. I will definitely use them for the next stage of our project! This was a job well done.

Judith Dolores Smith

Basically, our branding packages give you everything you need to succeed:

✓ Brand values/mission exploration
✓ Brand questionnaire
✓ Strategy/research into your industry and ideal client
✓ Development of mood board
✓ Color palette/typography/pattern selections
✓ Primary logo design and files
✓ Secondary logo design and files
✓ Submark logo design and files
✓ Color guide

What's Included?

I Need ALL of this →

Amazing team to work with! Meredith and Macey were hands on, guiding me through each step as they presented content to develop my brand voice and website. Highly recommend and will continue to work with MMC!

Carolyn Thielman

At The MMC, all branding services include our proven process to help you go from an initial idea to a complete brand identity with logo design, digital marketing components, and elements for your social media branding.

Want a Sneak Peak?

AK Pride

This client is in the financial services market and wanted to create an elevated, professional image that showcased brand integrity and a unique value proposition of exceptional service, experience, and inclusion.

The logo design is modern yet approachable, which complements the strong brand voice that is confident yet welcoming.


This client had an existing logo that felt too aggressive for the brand that wanted to attract and welcome all health-conscious consumers, not just men. By softening the color palette and logo itself, we were able to better showcase that the brand stands for wellness for all.

We are so happy with the logo and copy branding that the MMC created for us. They took the needed time to fully understand our goals and presented us with great options to build on. They are creative, responsive and a small hands on agency. We will continue working with them for additional projects.

Suzy Fragnoli

Why work with The MMC?

We are a brand agency that has a proven process to help you define your values, mission, target audience, and brand strategy. That process allows us to eliminate the stress of developing your brand identity and create something that truly reflects your brand uniquely and effectively.

Our branding services are designed to support your business, marketing efforts, and overall growth as you build your business. We know that a first impression matters just as much as the seventh impression, so we develop great branding that works consistently.

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Alright, we got you.

Once you're done with core values and branding, what next? An old-fashioned logo only works if you know how to use it in your business.

What about creating your brand voice, website design, social media, and ongoing marketing?

At The MMC Agency, we realize that branding services aren't the only thing you may need to grow your business.

From brand voice development to brand messaging, social media branding, digital marketing strategy, to website design, our in-house team can help you navigate what comes next.

Unlike other large branding agencies, we act as your strategic partner to support what you need as you grow.

Book a call to learn more about our brand agency. We offer a free consultation to discuss your brand needs and marketing strategy.

Need More?

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Not sure what you need or don't need? Confused by which branding guidelines to follow to develop a good brand? Or wondering what successful brands (and recognizable brands) do that make it look so easy? 

We're here to help.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that you may have for your business.  Have more?

Reach out to discuss anything from building trust and marketing trends to search engines, social platforms, customer personas, content strategy, and how to assess your brand's return on investment. 

We're here to help you develop a brand that follows a strategy and design principles to turn prospective customers into current customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand?

It can feel overwhelming if you're new to this whole branding services thing. While a logo might seem like an obvious example of a brand (and necessary to take your business online), what else goes into it?

And what parts do your business need? 

A brand (when related to your business) is all of the intangible items (think logos and values) that help clients and prospective clients recognize and identify you. It's more than one logo (even if it starts there) and includes your core messaging, colors, visuals, and even organizational culture.

What's a good brand example?

A good example of a complete brand is one of the most popular fast food chains, Chick Fil A. The brand is not only known for its unique marketing efforts with a strong brand voice (think playful content) and fresh food and food quality.

But it's also known for employees who say, "my pleasure," and even for the unique way the drive-through line is handled. From social media platforms to photography and one-of-a-kind visual identity (no one expected cows on billboards), the outstanding branding conveys offers to customers in a way that builds consistency and trust.

No one may have expected disruptive ideas to come from a fast food company, and yet the identity of this consumer brand is very well known and identifiable. And with well-strategized branding targeted to their ideal customer, they've built strength in their target market.

But what if you don't have a solid branding budget just yet?

Or your brand takes a more formal tone?

That's ok!

No one starts at the top and everyone is unique.

There are many ways to build trust with customers. The key to outstanding branding is to identify your core mission and values and your core audience and use solid design principles and quality content to build something special.

Maybe instead of playful content, you'll use professional product photography that stands out in your social media marketing. The key is not to copy. It's to be authentic and develop a solid brand from the beginning.

By taking the time to have your own discussion about your business and working with brand agencies to develop your brand, you'll be setting up key differentiators early to help your business become recognizable (and trustworthy) over time.

What are brand strategy services?

Branding services are everything we've talked about above.

At The MMC Agency, our branding services include everything from helping you identify your unique value proposition and values to creating logos, visual assets, and brand guidelines.

We also help business clients with ongoing marketing, social media, copy, graphic design, and website design that helps build upon the foundational brand and help the business grow.

What does a brand strategy agency do?

If you're looking up branding agencies, you may be wondering what to expect.

At The MMC Agency, we help business owners by following our proven process that makes brand development easy.

From developing your brand identity and logo to launching your website, our experienced team focuses on being a business partner that provides guidance, expertise, and some fun along the way!

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We'd love to help!

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