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At The MMC Agency, we specialize in helping businesses like yours put their best face forward! 

Our goal is to develop a brand identity for you that will allow you to stand out in the marketplace as your authentic self, regardless of whether you are starting from scratch or wanting to give your existing brand a makeover.

Designing a business or personal brand involves much more than a simple company logo. (Although that is an important part!) 

We know you want to grow your client base and attract those dream customers, which requires knowledge of your target audience, brand positioning, and brand message.

Working with someone you find after searching for "an experienced branding agency near me" allows you to get the help needed to do all of that and more! It will ensure you have the strategy, identity, and brand assets to showcase a brand you're proud of and that represents you. This will enable you to gain the recognition and growth your company deserves!

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At The MMC Agency, we specialize in branding services for medium and small businesses. 

Our proven experience helps busy business owners create a brand identity that feels authentic, whole, and appealing to potential customers.

By searching for a "branding agency near me" and hiring one like MMC, you're removing stress and headaches from your life - so much better than figuring out how to develop a brand from scratch by yourself while trying to run a company simultaneously. (Think of us as productive self-care!) 

Our proven method takes what feels like you’re in over your head and makes bringing your business brand to life simple.  

“But I think I might be able to do that in Canva…” 

Still on the fence? We get it! 

Canva serves a purpose in today’s lightning-fast business culture, but when crafting a comprehensive brand experience, doing it correctly will make all the difference in your future marketing campaigns and with brand recognition. 

Creating a one-off logo can get you going, but more is needed to build a solid brand identity that will gain credibility and traction quickly. 
Did you know that prospective customers need to see your brand an average of 5-7 times before you make an impression and become memorable? In fact, presenting a consistent brand has been shown to boost revenue by more than 20%!

What does that mean for your business?

It means that getting started with quick logo design services will only take you so far; it won't serve you over time. By starting with a branding process that reflects on your brand as a whole, including company culture, conversational brand voice, vision, and more, you'll be enabled to create a solid identity with logos, colors, and assets that will grow your brand awareness across the board.

Why Hire a Branding Firm?

The entire team at The MMC Agency is fantastic to work with! We have done several projects with them and we are always impressed with their organization, creativity, and ability to bring our vision to life. Highly recommend for any branding or website projects you have! 

Adam Kalinowski

The Bottom Line?

When you find the results of your "business branding agency near me" search and choose an agency like The MMC, you'll have a partner to create a complete and strategic brand. That brand will communicate to current and future customers how amazing your company is all while driving awareness, consistency, and profits.

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At The MMC, we’re a local agency near Winter Park, FL. And all branding services are driven by our process, proven to help you go from those first few branding thoughts to a complete and unique brand identity with logo design, digital marketing assets, and social media branding pieces.

The Signature MMC Branding Process


Brand Core Principles

Before we can properly develop your brand, we want to understand the values and mission that fuel it. Knowing what matters to your company (and target audience) is the most efficient way to position you in an authentic, consistent way that connects with those you want to serve. 

Not sure how to begin with your branding efforts? 

We work alongside business partners and clients to help them clearly identify brand principles that represent their business by using our branding survey as a guide.

While uncovering and expressing a brand identity that reaches your target market might sound complicated, our objective is to simplify it.



After understanding your company’s values and mission, it's time to get to work on the details of putting together your brand identity. Our comprehensive branding package includes a mood board that will visually represent what your brand will consistently convey across your website, marketing materials, and social media platforms. Plus, we take a close look at your competition and inspiration. 

So, what does an efficient brand identity look like?

We’ll put the finishing touches on your brand strategy document and share it with you and your team to review what we've created. This package will define your company values and/or mission, prospective customers, and the needs and wishes of existing customers.

This package also includes:
  • mood board with a color palette
  • typography 
  • brand positioning and development concepts

Once we have your feedback, we start designing visual assets.



A significant portion of our branding package is the visual assets we'll craft for you. We start with one or two initial concepts for your brand's logos, along with some mockups using your brand's tagline or patterns, etc. This presentation helps us see if there is anything that needs tweaking with the guidance of your feedback. 

What branding objects are included, specifically?

After developing your brand, we'll create the final files, which include your logos in various colors and types, your color palette, typography files, and patterns.

We send over everything you need to roll out your new brand across several platforms - your website, social media, in marketing materials, and so on. If you’re a small business, this may look like assets for business cards, handouts, or stationery design; if you’re a larger business, you may be looking to roll out your brand on signage, billboards, and fleets.

Whatever your unique needs are, we work with each client to create the right deliverables to facilitate your branding needs.

We are so happy with the logo and copy branding that the MMC created for us. They took the needed time to fully understand our goals and presented us with great options to build on. They are creative, responsive and a small hands on agency. We will continue working with them for additional projects.

Suzy Fragnoli

Our branding packages provide you with everything you need to succeed:

✓ Brand values/mission exploration
✓ Brand questionnaire
✓ Strategy/research into your ideal client and industry
✓ Development of mood board
✓ Color palette/typography/pattern selections
✓ Primary logo design and files
✓ Secondary logo design and files
✓ Submark logo design and files
✓ Color guide

What's Included?

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Our dream has been in the planning stages for a few years. We needed a more professional look. The MMC Agency spoke with us about our dreams and vision for our project. I am so proud of the results. I will definitely use them for the next stage of our project! This was a job well done.

Judith Dolores Smith

If you find The MMC through a "branding services near me" search, we're happy to have you! Our Orlando based agency has a process that was developed to help you go from your first few ideas to a brand identity complete with logo designs, digital marketing components, and your social media branding assets.

Want a Peak at Our Portfolio?

Peer-to-Peer Recovery Resources

This client came to us with a successful business already in place. However, their branding wasn’t showcasing their warm, peer-supported approach to recovery. By recreating their logo (inspired by the original) and updating their website with the help of a local professional photographer, their brand identity now genuinely represents their values and mission. 

Evolution Esthetics

This client needed help crafting a new brand and website. By exploring their vision and inspiration for their business, we were able to use the contrast of dark colors and gold tones to highlight their services and unique value proposition.  

We’ve relied on the MMC Agency marketing services for a few years now, and they’ve always surpassed our expectations. Always friendly and creative with a very professional attitude, even when some of our projects come in with tight deadlines. I would definitely recommend MMC’s services to grow your brand or as a partner and ally if you are a marketing professional.

Manolo Guajardo

Why Choose The MMC?

We are a Central Florida branding agency in Orlando with a tried and tested process to help you identify your values, mission, target market, and branding strategy. This process allows us to take the weight of developing your brand identity off your shoulders and create something that authentically and effectively reflects your brand.

Our branding services are designed to support the overall growth of your business, including marketing efforts and visibility strategy. Crafting an on-point brand identity for you that consistently delivers and represents you is essential to the success of your business. 

Why? Because a first impression matters as much as the seventh impression. 

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No worries! We can help you!

What comes after the core values and branding are put in place? A well-developed logo only works if you know how to utilize it in your business.

Your brand voice, social media, website design, and ongoing marketing are still developing.
At The MMC Branding Agency, we realize that branding services are just the beginning of what you’ll need to grow your business.

From brand messaging, brand voice development, and digital marketing procedures to social media branding and website design, our in-house team of experts can assist you in navigating the next steps.

Unlike other large branding companies, we act as your partner to support and strategize your needs as your business grows.

Book a call today to learn more and stop your "brand agency near me" searches! Choose the best one (at least we like to think so) in Orange County, FL. We offer a consultation, free of charge, to talk about your brand needs and marketing strategy.

Need More?

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Ever find yourself wondering what your favorite brands do to make success and recognition look so easy? Are you a bit bewildered by which branding guidelines will lead to creating a good brand? Need help determining what you need or don't need? 

We can help!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that you may have for your business’s branding needs.

Have a question that’s not listed below?

We’re open to discussing anything that will help your company’s growth and visibility, from building credibility with your audience and marketing trends to content strategy, search engines, social media platforms, customer personas, and how to gauge your brand's return on investment. 

We're here to help you create a brand that aligns with successful and proven strategies and design principles to turn potential customers into loyal customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand?

There’s a lot that can feel overwhelming when running a business - and branding can be a contributing factor. A logo is a clear-cut example of branding (and necessary to take your business digital), but so much more goes into it!

What goes into a brand, and what parts does your business need? 

A brand for your business includes all of the intangible items that help clients and prospective clients recognize and identify you, such as logos, color palettes, fonts, and other branding assets. Visuals, core messaging, and organizational culture also play valuable roles in your brand identity.

Can you give an example of a good brand?


Which company immediately comes to mind when you see those golden arches on the TV or while commuting to that leadership meeting? That bright golden “M” is instantaneously identifiable and needs little else for you to know that McDonald’s is there for you to provide fast-food-fueled happiness when you need a pick-me-up (or maybe you’re just running late to that meeting). 

This company’s consistent presence in our culture, combined with strategic and clever marketing, has allowed the phrases “I’m lovin’ it” and “Ba da ba ba ba” to influence our food decisions for 20 years. Before that there were rapping jingles, a talking moon, and “We love to see you smile.”

While you may be worried about creating an authentic and compelling brand because you don’t have a solid branding budget or your brand takes on a unique tone (without a catchy jingle), remember that everyone starts somewhere, and no company or brand starts at the top. 

There are many ways to create reliability and credibility with your client base. The key to exceptional branding is identifying your mission, values, and ideal audience while using solid design principles and quality content to build something remarkable.

Because branding (done correctly) is specific to each unique business, it can take on a variety of flavors. That may look like playful phrases, sleek and modern product photography, or even uniforms with an unusual style. The key is to be true to your business values and mission and not simply duplicate what others are doing. Developing a solid brand from the beginning allows for this level of authenticity.

By having conversations about your business and working with the right "brand agency near me" to develop your brand, you'll establish key factors that set you apart from the start and help your business become easily identifiable (and trustworthy) in the long run.

What are brand strategy services?

Branding services are everything we've discussed above.

At The MMC Agency, branding services include everything from helping you identify all the unique ways your company can serve its clients to creating a complete toolbox of branding assets such as logos, visuals, and brand guidelines.

We also help business clients with copy, website design, graphic design, social media, and ongoing marketing. What does your business need to create and build upon the foundational brand and help it grow? We’ve got you covered! 

What can you find from a search for a "brand strategy agency near me”?

If you're searching for “branding agencies near me,” you may be unsure as to what you'll find.
At The MMC Agency in Central Florida, we help business owners develop their brand by following our tried and tested process that is seamless and stress-free.

From developing a solid brand identity and logo to launching the website you’ve always wanted and more, our experienced team is ready to be a business partner that offers guidance, knowledge, and even fun along the way!

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Want to hear more about partnering with our branding firm? We’d love to help you and your team with branding projects, actionable marketing blueprints, design services, content marketing strategies, or anything else your company may need. 

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