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At The MMC Agency, we help you put your best face forward.

As an expert branding agency in Orlando, we help businesses develop new or updated brand identities. Our primary objective is to help you create a brand that will stand out in the marketplace. 

Designing a brand (for personal or business) is a lot more than a simple company logo. 

If you are looking to attract a larger customer base, it requires understanding your target audience alongside clear brand messaging and proper positioning.

When you work with our experienced Orlando branding agency, we'll help you with all of that (and more) to ensure you get the assets, strategy, and identity to reveal a brand that represents who you are and what makes you unique. Working with us enables you to gain the recognition and growth you deserve!

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As an Orlando-based branding firm, The MMC Agency is an expert in providing medium and small businesses with branding services to drive their success. 

Our proven brand experience offers busy business owners a brand that feels complete and true, allowing them to attract potential customers.

Hiring a branding agency in Orlando like The MMC makes developing a distinguished brand (even from scratch) stress-free and enjoyable.

Bring the business brand you dream of to life with our proven process and save yourself the feeling of being overwhelmed with it all; we understand that creating a brand can feel overwhelming!

While businesses could take many shortcuts with their branding, doing it the right way goes a long way (like most marketing efforts). Creating a logo in Canva may get you started, but it won’t get you as far in the long run as having a bespoke brand crafted by a team of branding experts. 

Building a solid brand identity that produces momentum quickly will help give your business the edge you’re looking for!

Did you know that to make a memorable impression on your potential customers, they need to see your brand roughly 5-7 times? You have a greater chance of this happening by presenting a consistent brand. Need another reason to give your business consistent branding? Research shows it could increase revenue by more than 20%!

What does that mean for you and your company?

It means those quick logo design services that get you started will only take you so far. By starting with our branding blueprint that considers your entire brand, including company mission and values, company culture, conversational brand voice, and more, you'll be able to develop a well-founded identity with logos, colors, and assets that will expand your brand awareness across all platforms.

Why Hire a branding agency in Orlando? 

Amazing team to work with! Meredith and Macey were hands on, guiding me through each step as they presented content to develop my brand voice and website. Highly recommend and will continue to work with MMC!

Carolyn Thielman

The Bottom Line?

A business branding agency in Orlando like The MMC can make all the difference in showing your customers how amazing and relevant you are while driving recognition, consistency, and profits. How? By working alongside you to create a comprehensive and strategic brand that authentically represents you without the headache.

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Our Orlando branding services include our process, with a solid track record of helping businesses like yours go from that first spark of an idea to a complete brand identity, including logo design, digital marketing tools, and social media branding components.

The Signature MMC Branding Process In Orlando


Brand Core Principles

In order to design a brand that properly represents who your company is and stands for, we want to get to know you and understand the values and mission behind what you do. Knowing what’s important to your brand (and ideal clients) is the best way to position you in an authentic, consistent way that resonates with your audience.

If you’re not sure how to get started on your branding efforts, we can help! 

We work with business partners and clients to help them unpack and identify branding essentials using our branding survey as a guide.

While conveying brand concepts and learning who your target customers are may sound complex, our goal is to make it painless (and even enjoyable)! 



Once we understand the mission and values behind your brand, it's time to design your brand identity. Our comprehensive branding kit includes what you need to create a steady and recognizable place in your industry. The information we need is gathered using our branding survey and researching your competition and inspiration. Additionally, we put together a mood board that captures the visual essence that your brand will consistently convey, whether on your social media pages, website, or marketing campaigns.

What does a powerful brand identity look like?

Once we've completed your brand strategy document, we'll share it with you and your team to review what we've compiled. This deck will describe and showcase your company values and/or mission, prospective clients, and existing customer base needs and desires.

We also include:
  • mood board with a color palette
  • typography 
  • inspiration for brand positioning and development

Once we have your input, we get to work designing visual assets.



A large portion of our branding package is the visual assets we'll develop. We start with one or two primary concepts for your brand's primary and secondary logos and some mockups using your brand's tagline, patterns, etc. From here, we use your feedback and design guidelines to refine the initial concept.

What branding essentials are included?

After we establish your brand, we'll put together the final files that include your logos in different colors and styles, colors, patterns, and typography.

You’ll then have everything you need to launch your new brand online, in marketing materials, on social media platforms, etc. Small businesses may need assets for materials like business cards, stationery design, or handouts, while larger companies may want to roll out their brand on billboard advertisements, signage, and fleets.

Whatever your needs are, we work with each client to deliver the right tools to establish your branding change seamlessly.

"Honestly pay any amount of money to get Meredith and her team. She worked with me when I was starting my business and helped me more than she even realizes. Her and her team are professional and easy to work with. I loved working with her and would do it again in a heartbeat!" 

Pastor Nicole

Our branding packages give you the essentials you need to succeed:

✓ Brand values/mission exploration
✓ Brand questionnaire
✓ Strategy/research into your industry and ideal client
✓ Development of mood board
✓ Color palette/typography/pattern selections
✓ Primary logo design and files
✓ Secondary logo design and files
✓ Submark logo design and files
✓ Color guide

What's Included?

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I continue to receive glowing compliments on the outstanding branding and website MMC created for us. I encourage you to look at their price not as a cost but rather a long term investment. 

Anna Kindley, M.Ed., NSSA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

At The MMC, your Orlando branding agency, all brand services follow our proven branding blueprint to help you go from an initial concept to a brand identity complete with logo design, social media branding essentials, and digital marketing components.

Want a look at our portfolio?

Orlando Golf Cars

This client hired our Orlando branding firm to develop a fresh logo suite for their already successful business. Multiple logo options allowed them to elevate their brand while remaining committed to warm and welcoming customer service. Additional branding support was provided to create assets to fit their marketing strategy, including a branded wine bottle label.  

Metrovet Veterinary Clinic

This client wanted to create a less traditional vet clinic brand and more street art meets modern poster art. This artistic focus was carried throughout the rest of the branding process, including their colors and typography. 

Samantha Gaten

I had the pleasure of working with The MMC Agency, including both Meredith & Macey! They were both nothing short of incredible. They helped rebrand my entire company as well as design an integrated website from the ground up. 

They not only were very patient with me but were extremely attentive, caring, and responsive with any/all questions or ideas I had from day one. At first it was intimidating finally investing into my brand and the website but they truly made this such am easy-going experience. I couldn't be more thankful for The MMC Agency and their team for making my dreams come to life! THANK YOU!!!!! 

Why work with The MMC?

We are an Orlando brand agency with a proven process to assist you with defining your mission, values, target client base, and branding strategy. That process allows us to take the stress out of developing your brand identity and create something that truthfully and effectively showcases your brand’s unique persona and objectives. 

Our branding company (in Orlando) is committed to supporting your business visibility and growth in any way we can as you build your business. While that first impression usually gets the most hype, we know that the sixth impression is just as important, so our objective is to develop dependable branding that allows you to shine time and time again.

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We got you, no worries.

What happens once you're done with your core values and branding? You know you need a logo, but do you know how to use it to scale your business? 

Not only is there the marketing that happens at launch, but there’s also the ongoing marketing that keeps the word on the street alive. These efforts include your website design, social media presence, and brand voice. 

At The MMC Agency, we realize that growing your company and its success starts with our Orlando branding services - but that is just the beginning!

From social media branding, website design, and digital marketing strategy to brand voice development to brand messaging, our in-house team of experts can help you navigate your next steps. 

Unlike other large branding agencies in Orlando, we champion your growth by acting as your strategic partner to help you where you need as you meet milestone goals.

Book a call to learn more about our Orlando branding agency. We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your branding needs and marketing strategy.

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Not sure what’s necessary or not? Overwhelmed by trying to decipher which branding guidelines to follow to develop a good brand? Or wondering what successful brands (and identifiable brands) do that make it look so easy? 

We'd love to help you!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that you may have for your business brand identity. 

Have more? We are open to discussing anything from content strategy, ROI assessment, customer personas, and social platforms to building trust, marketing trends, and search engines.  

We're here to assist you in creating a brand that follows a strategy and design principles to turn curious clients into happy repeat customers so reach out to our team for a free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand?

It can feel overwhelming if you're new to this whole branding services thing. While a logo might seem like an obvious (and necessary) example of a brand in this digital age, what else goes into it? And what parts do your company need? 

When related to your business, a brand is all the tangible and intangible items (like logos and values) that help your client base and target audience recognize and identify you. While your logo is a start, branding includes your core messaging, visuals, colors, and even company culture.

What’s a prime example of a good brand?

When people think of smartphones, one of the first companies to come to mind is Apple. Why is that? Their brand identity is related to innovation, design, and user experience - and that identity remains consistent. 

Their power and prevalence in the marketplace are largely due to how much their products have transformed how people operate in their day-to-day lives, at home, and in the office. However, becoming and remaining this prolific largely results from their focused and reliable branding and marketing strategies. 

From their logo, typography, and advertising style to how you can almost feel what it’s like to be in their store just by reading this sentence, Apple offers subtle cues that will help their target audience identify their brand in any situation. 

Okay, so you may be thinking, “Well, if I had Apple’s marketing budget…” or “sleek innovation doesn’t fit my company’s core identity.”

That's no problem!

Everyone’s story is different, and even Apple had to start somewhere. 

There are many ways to show your reliability to customers. The key to exceptional branding is based on two simple principles: one, to define your core mission, values, and core audience, and two, to use essential design principles and quality content to build something unique.
Maybe you use playful puns and antics instead of minimalist, sleek-design content to catch people’s attention. The key is to be authentic and develop a solid brand from the start.

By taking the time to consider what your business’s values and mission are and working with an Orlando-based brand agency to develop your brand, you'll be setting yourself up to be an easily recognizable and trustworthy business. 

What are The MMC's brand strategy services in Orlando?

Branding services in Orlando are everything we've chatted about above.

At The MMC Agency, our Orlando branding services include everything from helping you discern your unique value proposition and mission to creating logos, branding guidelines, and visual assets.

We can also provide business clients with graphic design, copy, ongoing marketing, website design, and social media that help build upon the foundational brand and help the business boom.

What does a brand strategy agency in Orlando do?

If you're looking up branding agencies in Orlando, you may be curious about what to expect.

At The MMC Agency, we support business owners by following our vetted process that makes brand development easy and fun.

From developing your branding identity and logo to launching your website, our team of specialists focuses on being a business partner that offers guidance and expertise.

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