This client came to us with an existing brand and business. They wanted to focus on elevating the brand and better explaining the services they offer to two unique audiences. After completing an in-depth assessment and strategy, we refreshed the logo and integrated a more modern, subtle color palette. 

For the website, we created a structure that would allow us to guide visitors, whether they were seeking in-home therapy or at-school options. We also integrated portal and Docusign options to automate the back-end process for the team. 

Georgia Regional Behavior Services

Squarespace Website Development

Squarespace website development

Thank you so much!!!!! I want to let you know you nailed my vision for this website. Its clean, professional, and its the perfect representation of the population we serve "which is all people". I'm so thankful we found you and we are thankful for you flexibility and professionalism.

Chazity Murray

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