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Most businesses today understand just how important a business website is for their success. With over 75% of customers making decisions based on a company's online website alone, your online presence matters more than ever.

Chances are, if you haven't been through a website redesign project recently, you may be looking at your site and noticing some problems. Like most technology, changing marketing, SEO, and website design standards require a regular inspection of what you have - and what changes you might need to stay competitive.

Before we get started, let's cover the basics of a website redesign and what it may look like to work with a professional redesign company.

A website redesign process is where a professional website redesign company looks at the components of your existing site - and business - and outlines a plan to optimize your site and bring it current. 

A site redesign is much more than updating some content or modernizing a logo - it's a comprehensive approach to building a new website that will be a game-changer for your business. 

Below are just a few of the steps you should expect when working with a top tier website redesign company like The MMC Agency:

What is Website Redesigning?

An Assessment of Your Current Concerns

When you work with a top website redesign company, you should expect to start with a conversation to express your current concerns about your website. Perhaps your old website is slow loading, or it requires in-house support to keep it current that you don't have. Maybe your old site is projecting an outdated digital presence that doesn't reflect your marketing efforts & business goals today.

Regardless of what concerns you have, understanding them and your priorities will influence the website redesign process. 

An Understanding of Your Goals and Priorities

Attracting and converting potential clients make look different to small businesses in the food industry than a consulting small business. When we meet with our clients, we want to know what success looks like for them, whether it's booking a call to learn more or coming into a restaurant to order a meal. 

By understanding your potential customers and business needs, we can redesign your site with intuitive navigation that prompts qualified leads to take the action that equals your success. 

Site Architecture Development

At The MMC Agency, one of our first steps during a website redesign project is to develop what we call a site map. We compare the existing website against the new site goals during this process to determine exactly what user behavior we want to influence.

If you think of a site map as your website on paper, you can begin to look at the new website comprehensively and outline the best possible user journey. With a website redesign, we always want to attract more customers and create a better - conversion-focused - experience. Outdated sites that are not fully responsive and fast will fail, but so will sites that don't make the online experience seamless and easy to follow.

In our experience, many business clients have sites that were put together quickly or added to over time so stepping back to dive into site architecture before we begin a website redesign can be the difference between success and failure. This is why a website redesign is different than a website update - which includes only superficial changes that may or may not lead to success.

Professional design is a part of every website redesign - from incorporating your brand guidelines and designing to convey your brand's image to following best practices for design standards. Your website redesign should highlight your business to your target audience and create a great experience for them online.

At The MMC Agency, we design on four proven platforms, including WordPress, Squarespace, Showit, and Shopify, for an ecommerce website.

If your online presence needs a complete overhaul, your website redesign may include additional service to makeover your brand image. 

Website redesigns are a great time to assess your existing logo and brand and make sure it still represents you well, looks current, and attracts your ideal audience. 

Most clients choose to update their logo with The MMC Agency for one of three common reasons:

Logo and Branding Services

The existing logo was done in a hurry or without much thought. 

If you purchased your logo through an online service like Fiverr or Freelancer, you might have gotten what you needed at the time, but chances are the logo process wasn't comprehensive or fully developed for your long-term needs. We fully explore your intended audience and brand mission during a logo development process with The MMC team before developing a mood board for inspiration and multiple logo options for your marketing. Upon completion, you'll have files for your primary logo, secondary options, submarks, and more to convey a consistent brand image on your current website, in print and digital marketing pieces, on social media, etc.

No one has access to source files, and the quality of current files is poor. 

Transferring an old logo of poor quality onto a new website is a recipe for disaster. When investing in a website redesign, you don't want to cut corners and launch a beautiful new website with a sad, low-quality logo. It's normal when you only have one logo file or when it's been a while for our clients to lose track of those all-important source files that provide the clarity necessary to showcase your logo on a website redesign. Without a quality file, changing the colors or size of a logo to match a new site can cause major problems. If this is the case for your company, a new logo package is a good idea to complement your website redesign.

The logo is simply outdated. 

If your logo hasn't been updated in years, most likely, design standards have changed. A website redesign will provide you with a flashy, attractive site that puts your business in the best light. Don't drag it down with a logo that looked best in the 1980s!

Professional Copywriting

A website redesign typically consists of great design, content such as your logo and imagery, and your copy. Copy is just words on a page, and when you launch a redesigned website, it's essential to know that those words have the pizazz to go with your new image.

Professional copywriters can help you assess your existing copy and create new copy that is geared towards your audience and is search engine friendly. While ongoing search engine optimization should be a priority, including search engine friendly keywords and understanding how they affect your search results can be just as important and knowing how to develop your landing page and integrate responsive design.

Professional copywriting for your website is much more than being able to write a good white paper and should be considered for your web redesign.

At The MMC Agency, we offer two options to clients during their redesign service. The first is a full rewrite of copy designed to work on their new website and attract (and convert) their target market. The second is an "audit" of the existing copy. We start with what is there and look for ways to improve and optimize the content for the audience, search engines, and user experience.

In all website redesigns, it's imperative that the website meets best practices for today's standards.

That means designing a responsive site that works on any mobile device - from cell phones to tablets to laptops and more. Mobile devices consistently make up more than 50% of all website traffic so catering to site visitors that are using their cells is crucial. 


Foundational SEO

Ongoing search engine optimization can be a wise investment for years to come but your website redesign should include what we call foundational SEO as a minimum. Redesign services that don't include SEO, such as proper use of meta-data, tags, titles, and keywords can stall your success so be sure to ask anyone that you consider to redesign your website what they include. 

Speed Optimization

At The MMC Agency, we like to redesign websites that are Google approved. In addition to creating a fully responsive mobile site and including foundational SEO, our redesign costs include site speed optimization. While not standard with all redesign companies, we know that adding all the bells, including speed optimization, can be the difference between your success and failure.

Google looks at many factors when ranking sites, and a slow site can result in lower rankings because it creates a less favorable user experience. We know that it can be hard to generate leads if your site can't be found, so we include everything we can in your web redesign to support your success!

When is it Time For a Professional Website Redesign?

There are a few common reasons that clients hire a team for website redesign services. And many of those reasons may be what's prompting you to consider web redesign services for your business. Keep reading to see if your website falls into one of the categories below:

trusted website redesign services

Do you need to fix an outdated website? 

Often, when companies get started, they create websites at the same time. But over time, that business focuses on operations, sales, and growth, and the website can get left behind. We frequently work with clients who have a website that has old information - from the wrong address to an outdated list of marketing services to the wrong personnel and general business information. For ecommerce sites, frequently, the product listings and inventory are out of sync with what's actually available.

The web design on the current website may also be outdated with old styles of text, images, and layouts that signal a website that is behind the current times. If this is true for your website, it may be time to complete the redesign process. By leaving an old site up, you're sending the message to potential customers that you are out of touch and out of date. You may also be missing opportunities to convert thanks to incorrect product and service information.

Do you have broken links and pages on your website?

As a custom website ages, so does the site usability. Over time, plugins, code, links, and forms used on design sites break. While it may seem minor to an employee who knows how to navigate the site, it can be extremely frustrating to a new website user who can't find what they need quickly. 

Additionally, broken links and outdated plugins signal to Google that your website is not current and will eventually lower your status in search results.  

Does your website look strange on mobile devices?

Whether you have an ecommerce website or corporate website - redesign services are often a need for web design that isn't working on your mobile device. If your website design isn't optimized for mobile, it likely looks funny on your phone. Your mobile web design might cause photos to overlap with words, links to be hard to find, menus to be cut off, and more. As part of your project, it's imperative that mobile is optimized during the website redesign process. Here's why - more than 50% of your website visitors are coming to you while using a phone or tablet. If your web design is hard to use on their device, they'll quickly move on to your competition!

Is Your Website Slow to Load?

If you have to wait for pages to load, it may be time for a website redesign. Here's why - not only are visitors expecting fast loading times (and leaving slow websites), but Google cares about your site speed too. At The MMC Agency, we make sure that every site - whether new or as part of a website redesign service - is optimized for speed. Because it can affect your visitor's experience - and domain expertise, according to Google, it has to be considered a top priority for your redesigned website.  

Are You Unable to Update Your Site? 

Many clients come to The MMC Agency because they don't have access to their website. They're wondering how to fix an updated site, when they don't even have passwords and logins to their current online presence. At The MMC Agency, we believe your website is one of your most important business assets and a big part of your digital marketing. It's our job to not only redesign your website but also to give you the keys so that you can maintain it and keep it current. Of course, we offer maintenance packages if you prefer to work with an expert or offload the responsibilities, but you shouldn't have to pay for basic updates to your website after already investing in website redesign services if you don't want to!

Do You Need A Complete Website Overhaul?

For some clients seeking website redesign services, it's not one problem that they need to address; it's many. If your digital marketing is not working on any level and your brand is completely outdated, your redesign services may include a new logo, copywriting, and complete website restructuring. Before choosing any one agency, make sure that the website redesign services they offer can fully support your needs and help you achieve the outcomes you're looking for. Most often, when you're working with a professional to address your website concerns, it can become more frustrating and time-consuming if you also have to hire a marketing team, logo designer, and copywriter. 

If you're reading this article and realizing that you are in need of website redesign services, it may be time to hire a professional. Before choosing any one agency for your project, take the time to talk, review their site, and schedule a call. Ask questions about their website redesign services and about the process they follow to complete your project. You may also want to look at their portfolio and online reviews to see what others are saying about their work. 

To book a call with our team, click below. We'd love to learn more about your business and help you with your redesign!

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