If you’re reading this, chances are you are looking for ways to improve your copy. Whether that means tips to clarify your message or convert more clients, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll cover some copywriting secrets to maximize your efforts.

Four Copywriting Secrets from a Professional Copywriter Meeting Meredith Creative

As a professional consultant for over a decade, I helped organizations with communications, public relations and the challenging times that come from working – and communicating – to clients through a crisis.

And there are some great skills and tips I learned along the way (and brought with me to Meeting Meredith Creative) that are going to help you change the way you write!

Let’s jump in!

professional copywriter working with other professionals to develop copy that will attract and engage potential customers

No matter what business, brand or team we represent, we all have one thing in common. A voice. A leadership voice, a company voice, a personal voice.

Before you start on any copy, it’s critical to understand why your voice is SO very important.

Of course, even before that, there is one question that often causes a lot of confusion.

What exactly – is copywriting?

At Meeting Meredith Creative, we’re professional copywriters. But I can almost guarantee that you have been a copywriter at one point too and with a copywriting secret or two, you can be even more effective.

You may have posted on your social media or helped write your website about us page or added content for a company newsletter. That is copywriting.

Copywriting is simply the sales process on paper or “the occupation of writing text for the purpose of marketing and advertising.”

Where one person might shake hands with someone and do a business deal in person, effective copy in your business is the same process – but with words.

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Why is learning these copywriting secrets so important?

I want you to think about all the different places that your customers might find you. Or potential customers.

Maybe they see a Facebook ad.

Maybe they find you online.

Maybe they get an ad in the mail or a newsletter they signed up for.

Depending on your level of in-person marketing, your potential clients are reading something about you long before they’re ever talking to you.

And they’re making a decision about you – long before they’re ever talking to you! Which is VERY important to understand.

Even if I talk to a friend and they rave about a company – what’s the first thing I’m going to do when I’m ready to take a look? Do I call them and say, “hey, can you tell me about your company?”


I go to the almighty Google and see what comes up. And I’m not alone – “87% of buying decisions begin with research conducted online, usually on Amazon or Google.”

Online – that means the top of the funnel for 87% of people starts with your words.

Your Voice

Now that you understand the major role copy plays in your success, you can start to understand why YOUR voice is so important in that copy.

Will all the online competition, the authentic, real you is your unique value proposition. YOU are irresistible to people who align with your perspective, values and words!

If you’re silly, be silly.

If you’re technical and jargony – other technical and jargony folks will eat you up!

We might believe that running a business should always be “serious” – but I’m here to argue otherwise.

Choosing a particular voice just because you think it is what people want to see will NEVER take you as far as being real will.

There are a lot of businesses out there – but there is only one you – and THAT will be your growth gamechanger!

Now, are you ready for the four tips that you can use to either assess your copy with or apply to your copy? Take a look at them blow and then check out our services that can help your business today!

Enjoy these tips? Grab my four other copywriting secrets below!

Copywriting Secrets – The Basics


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