Copywriting is a fancy term for words. Think less copy, more writing. And it’s been around for a very very long time (documented as a career in the 1800’s!). A lot has changed since then, but the written language is still a pretty big deal. Even if you’re not an avid reader, you’re taking in words constantly – billboards, street signs, menus, websites, emails and on and on. While everybody can write, professional copywriters can do more than just write – they can connect the message with the intended receiver in ways that no ordinary person can do.

Copywriting is the skill of making those words matter! In a sea of alphabet soup, copywriters are supplying the dumplings (aka the best part that automatically stands out and everybody goes fishing for). And that takes insane copywriting skills to do that. This type of skill is not only limited to billboards and direct mail, it can also be found on sales letters, search engines, social media posts, magazine ads, tv commercial, radio ads, promotional materials, and also online content such as landing pages, or even a simple blog post. Good copywriters begin with the end in mind – to persuade people to take a particular call to action on a particular service or product.

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Copywriters have an option of either working for an agency that provides services to their client base or they can work for a business with an in-house marketing team or they can choose to become a freelance copywriter where they can write copy for their own clients. No matter the path the skilled copywriters take, one thing they can all agree on is that their job is to connect potential customers with the client through the powerful use of words. To do this, they do not only rely on their skills but, to be a successful copywriter, they also have to understand the unique value proposition of the client’s business they’re working with.

There are a few important reasons to hire a copywriter when you own a business or creative platform where attracting clients is critical.

  1. They know what they’re doing. A good copywriter can take a draft of text and completely rewrite it to grab your ideal client’s attention while not losing an ounce of the message you wanted to convey.
  2. They see you from the outside. A fresh pair of eyes is like a fresh pair of undies. You just need them sometimes. You know your business inside and out. You know the achievements, what makes you great and where the skeletons are hiding. Unfortunately, that knee deep perspective isn’t necessarily in your best interest when it comes to staying current with best marketing practices. Let someone help who’s ONLY job is crafting the right string of words to make your business stand out.
  3. You can dump your problems on them. Well, not all your problems. As a professional copywriter, I really can’t help you with that significant other issue. But I CAN help you with the to do list of writing all new copy for your website, your marketing materials and your always hungry social media. Don’t reread and rewrite copy until your eyes start bleeding, just hand it over and relax. All that stress is totally unnecessary and takes you away from the day to day things you love doing.

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